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The Families of Diane Hultsch and Richard Melone(Genealogy Site)

This would not be possible without the efforts of a lot of different people. I would like to thank the following individuals

Cindi Cotton

Carol LaRene Gaunt

Teri Goebel

Suzanne Hopman

Dale Hultsch

Linda Hultsch

Jim Kellison

Lori Krzan

Christie Larsen

William Liggett

Joseph A. Melone

Amy Prater

Bryan Prater

Edna Robinson

David Schmidt

Paul Schmidt

Robert Schmidt

Joyce Son

Rev. Erwin Albert Uecker

Rev. F. Timothy VanAntwerp


and to

Peggy Armstrong and all of the wonderful people at the Tinley Park Historical Society

The helpful volunteers at the Family History Center, Chicago Heights, Illinois

The staff of the Chicago Heights Public Library (who must cringe every time they see me)


Zion Lutheran Church, Tinley Park, Illinois

And very special thanks to my husband Richard Melone, who has put up with my hours on the computer, trips to libraries, historical societies, cemeteries and my ramblings of people who have passed on and of those we have never met.