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Genealogical Research & Lookup
    All research performed in southern Cook County and all of Will County, Illinois, unless noted. Please contact me for pricing for research in all other areas.
    Following is a list of services that I can provide. While all of the information under each heading is not required, the more you can supply the faster I can complete you request. 
    Service options with a fee schedule are invoiced per item and research will begin after payment is received. All other services are invoiced per hour. My hourly charge is $15.00. This includes travel time. The first hour must be prepaid. Once your final payment has been recieved, I will send the information collected.
    Genealogical information forms are available for download in both plain text, MS Word and Word Perfect format.


Federal Census


Gedcom Creation

General Research






Obituary Lookup
Supply the full name, date of death and burial location for each individual.
Research will begin after payment is received.

Date supplied


Without date


Common name without date


Federal Census Lookup
Lookup's for all states.
Research will begin after payment is received.
Supply the full name of the head of household, birth year and location, name of spouse and children, census year (1790-1930), county and state.

Township and/or city supplied


County only


Photo Service
I will take pictures of buildings, cemeteries, headstones or just about anything else. Just supply me with the full address. One photo is included in the hourly rate. If you have multipule request at the same location, each additional photo is 50. I may take additional photo's at different angles. There is no extra charge for this.
Gedcom Creation
Supply me with copies of you data and I will compile it into a gedcom that you can import into most any family tree software.
What is a gedcom?
GEDCOM is a standard file format for exchanging information between genealogy programs.  The acronym GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunications.  The GEDCOM standard was developed by The Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).
You can use GEDCOM to transfer information into most any family tree software.  By using GEDCOM, you can avoid retyping all of your family information when you switch from one program to another.
Please use the same guidelines below, in the "General Research" section.

Notice!!! I will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any original documents that you supply to me. Please, please, please, send only copies!!!

General Research
If you would prefer me to do general research for you, please email me with a brief summary of your needs for an estimate.
Following are some of the items you will need to mail with your detailed request and deposit:
1.  The names of each known family member, including parents, spouse(s), children and siblings. For each person supply any known birth, marriage and death dates and all known           locations  in the city, county, state, country format.
2.  Include any additional details which may be of help, i.e., nicknames, military service, as well as any spelling variances.
3.  Copies of documents you have already obtained, such as birth/marriage/death certificates, obituaries, census records etc.
4.  List of sources you have already researched.
5.  Other family surnames connected with the individual/family being researched, (in-laws, step children/parents, etc. and a brief explanation as to how these names are related.
6.  State your main goals for this research request.
7.  Include your name, mailing address, phone number with area code and email address.
Mail your request and payment to:
Diane Melone
435 Wood Street
Chicago Heights, Il 60411
Gift certificates are available in any denomination.
Previous "Up A Tree" clients, may be eligible for discounts on future requests.
Cemetery Lookup's
 Service is invoiced per hour and includes travel time and the transcription of the stone. Extra's may include photo's at 50 each stone and the cost of any copies. Please let me know prior to my travel if you are interested in the extra items.
If there something you need that I have not listed, please contact me at
I will give your request the same attention that I give my own research and while I try, results cannot be guaranteed. Some people just don't want to be found!

The following files contain all the forms needed. You will need WinZip or a similar program to extract these files.

Click here to download WinZip.

Client forms for Microsoft Word

Client forms for Word Perfect

Client forms for Notepad

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