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1_3a.jpg              Labeled as "Grandpa and Grandma Hopmann"
2_2.jpg Identified by Lorin Dillon as:
Elizabeth Scherer, Clara Dillon and Lorin Dillon
Circa 1931
3_3.jpg Identified by Edna Robinson as:
Lillie Louise Goebel
6_1.jpg Identified by Lorin Dillon as:
Elizabeth Scherer and August Goebel
Circa 1930
7_1.jpg Jacob Scherer>br> 7_2a.jpg & 7_2b.jpg Elizabeth Scherer
7_3.jpg Identified by Lorin Dillon as:
Elizabeth Scherer
Circa 1910-1920. 8_2a.jpg & 8_2b.jpg Labeled as "5 months old"
Identified by Bob Schmidt as:
Edwin Schmidt Jr. with Edwin Carl Schmidt III
July 1938
9_1a.jpg & 9_1b.jpg Labeled as "3 months"
Identified by Bob Schmidt as:
Edwin Schmidt Jr. with Edwin Carl Schmidt III
May 1938 9_2a.jpg & 9_2b.jpg Labeled as "This was taken ? ? ? about a month ago"
Identified by Bob Schmidt as:
(left to right) Robert L. Schmidt, Edwin Schmidt Jr., Myra Schmidt, Dorothy Schmidt, and probably Margaret Schmidt, taken on March 31, 1937 in Mission Tx.
10_3b.jpg When I removed the picture refrenced as 10_3a.jpg from the ablum, this tin picture was found behind it.
11_1.jpg Labeled as "Fred Mrs. Rue?er Louis"
11_2.jpg Labeled as "Frederick C. Hoppmann"
13_1a.jpg & 13_1b.jpg Labeled as "Marira has the coat on. Clara is with Uncle August. Laurais back of Aunt Kate."
13_2a.jpg & 13_2b.jpg Labeled as "They were just getting ready to leave for Lester home."
14_2a.jpg & 14_2b.jpg Labeled as "Mr. and Mrs. August Goebel"
15_1a.jpg & 15_1b.jpg Labeled as Edna-Kenneth-Laverne Niemann"
16_1a.jpg & 16_1b.jpg Postcard that has been cut down. What remains of the text is as follows:

Dear Lillie: - Received
your postal yesterday
and was glad to hear
that you got there alright
How is Marr??as'
finger now isn't
it any better yet?
L_1a.jpg & L_1b.jpg This picture is in an envelope type mat. On the front flap there is an embossed design, but threre is no other markings of any kind.
L_2a.jpg & L_2b.jpg Post card from August Goebel to his mother Mrs Chas Goebel.

5002 Wabash Ave
Dear Mother
Will be
home a week Mrs. Chas Goebel
from Sun day Tinley Park
do you know Ill
who this is?
your loving Son
L_3a.jpg Labeled as "Mrs. Martha Goebel"
This picture is labeled on the back. The mat is black and the name is written in pencil. I was unable to get a clear copy of the name.
L_4a.jpg & L_4b.jpg Labeled as "Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hopmann"