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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with W

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Wallace, Betty Rae (--living--)
Wallace, Deanna Lee (--living--)
Wallace, Patricia Mae (--living--)
Wallace, Sandra Kay (--living--)
Wallace, Walter Edwin (--living--)
Wallace, Walter Elmer (UNKNOWN-)
Wampler, French (UNKNOWN-)
Wampler, Susann French (--living--)
Ward, ? (-)
Wazallewski, Linda (UNKNOWN-)
Webb, Charles (UNKNOWN-)
Webb, Child 1 of Don (UNKNOWN-)
Webb, Child 2 of Don (UNKNOWN-)
Webb, Child 3 of Don (UNKNOWN-)
Webb, Don (UNKNOWN-)
Webb, Doris (UNKNOWN-)
Webb, Harry (UNKNOWN-)
Webb, Husband of Doris (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Lois (UNKNOWN-)
Weilberg, Janet (--living--)
Weinberger, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-)
Weiss, Alex F. (20 JUL 1908-19 FEB 1997)
Weiss, Charles Don (--living--)
Weiss, Larry Kent (--living--)
Weiss, Sylvia Annette (--living--)
Weng, Armin (UNKNOWN-)
Wenino, Inez Ruth (UNKNOWN-)
Weybright, Ruth Irene (3 JAN 1892-22 JUN 1964)
White, Douglas (--living--)
White, Jeri Ann (--living--)
White, Teri Lynn (--living--)
Widenhofer, Gary (--living--)
Widenhofer, Gerald (UNKNOWN-)
Widenhofer, Greg (--living--)
Wilkinson, Marc Lawrence (UNKNOWN-)
Wilkinson, Marsha Elaine (UNKNOWN-)
Wilkinson, Thomas B. (UNKNOWN-)
Wille, ? (-)
Williams, ? (UNKNOWN-)
Williamson, Howard (UNKNOWN-)
Williamson, Ira Sherman (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Irene (UNKNOWN-)
Williamson, Linda (UNKNOWN-)
Williamson, Marrianne (UNKNOWN-)
Williamson, Robert (UNKNOWN-BEF. 1994)
Williamson, Verne E. (23 NOV 1919-8 JUL 1994)
Williamson, Virgina (UNKNOWN-)
Wind, ? (UNKNOWN-)
Windhorst, Margarethe (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wolf, Anna Auguste W. (11 NOV 1890-19 JUL 1968)
Wolf, Carl Erenst (16 FEB 1897-17 MAR 1898)
Wolf, Dorothea (-)
Wolf, Elise Dorothea\Dorothy (25 JUL 1886-ABT. 1965)
Wolf, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wolf, Fridarike Doris (3 OCT 1892-ABT. 1975)
Wolf, Helen (26 JUN 1922-ABT. 1981)
Wolf, Herman August Heinrich (17 FEB 1895-ABT. 1970)
Wolf, Hermonn Heinrich Wilhelm\William (20 SEP 1888-16 MAR 1973)
Wolf, Lettie wife of Henry Herman (-)
Wolf, Marie Elise (6 APR 1885-ABT. 1965)
Wolf, Minna Marie (11 OCT 1899-31 MAY 1903)
Wolf, Ruth (--living--)
Wolf, Wilhelm\William (1853-1912)