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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with R

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Rachford, Gayle (--living--)
Rachford, John (UNKNOWN-)
Rachford, Scott (--living--)
Raines, Thomas R. (--living--)
Rasor, Kenneth (UNKNOWN-)
Rasor, Rymond (UNKNOWN-)
Rasor, Tommy (UNKNOWN-)
Rathje, Lydia S. (DEC 1872-9 JUN 1951)
Rauch, Al (UNKNOWN-)
Rauch, Child1 of Al (UNKNOWN-)
Rauch, Child2 of Al (UNKNOWN-)
Rauch, Pauline (UNKNOWN-)
Reimer, Bryan Scott (--living--)
Reimer, Glenn Brian (--living--)
Reimer, Jill Ann (--living--)
Reimer, Keith Alan (--living--)
Reimer, Lawerence Charles (--living--)
Reimer, Lawerence Scott (--living--)
Reimer, Pamela Lynn (--living--)
Reimer, Renee Marie (--living--)
Reynolds, David Haller (--living--)
Reynolds, Ronald (UNKNOWN-)
Rick, Phillip Edward (--living--)
Rick, William Allen (--living--)
Rincker, Bertha Joan (13 NOV 1915-)
Rincker, Patricia (UNKNOWN-)
Rippe, Henry (4 FEB 1860-25 MAY 1928)
Rippe, John (7 DEC 1893-)
Robinson, Bernard Norman (--living--)
Robinson, Bradley Thomas (--living--)
Robinson, Brett Alan (--living--)
Robinson, Gregory Michael (--living--)
Robinson, Hazel (2 JUL 1913-JUL 1991)
Robinson, James Charles (--living--)
Robinson, James G (10 JUL 1893-17 DEC 1975)
Robinson, James Paul (--living--)
Robinson, James Peter (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Lenore (UNKNOWN-)
Robinson, Linda Esther (--living--)
Robinson, Mabel (UNKNOWN-)
Robinson, Nancy Jo (--living--)
Robinson, Norman Ronald (--living--)
Robinson, Norman Winfield (4 MAY 1922-15 FEB 1989)
Robinson), ? Ebling (Husband of Hazel (UNKNOWN-)
Rueter, August (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Rupert, George Moore (-25 JUL 1946)