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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with P

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Pallozzi, Francesca (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pallozzi, Giuseppe (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pallozzi, Lucia (1861-1894)
Pallozzi, Maria Giuseppa (24 MAR 1863-4 AUG 1938)
Palmiotti, Marta (8 JUL 1914-7 MAY 2001)
Palowski, Faye (UNKNOWN-)
Parks, Daughter (--living--)
Parks, Nicole Kay (--living--)
Parks, Paul Edward (--living--)
Parsley, Frances Lynne (--living--)
Pascucci, John Mario (UNKNOWN-)
Passow, Child of Chris (UNKNOWN-)
Passow, Chris (UNKNOWN-)
Passow, Elmer , Sr. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Passow, Elmer , Jr. (UNKNOWN-)
Passow, Elsie wife of Elmer , Jr. (UNKNOWN-)
Passow, Fritz (UNKNOWN-)
Pence, Judith (--living--)
Perozzi, John (--living--)
Perozzi, Maria Ann (--living--)
Perozzi, Nicole Constance (--living--)
Perry, ? (UNKNOWN-)
Peters, Mary Lou (UNKNOWN-)
Peterson, Geraldine (--living--)
Petta, (-)
Petta, Anna Louise (28 SEP 1916-12 OCT 1997)
Petta, Mary (UNKNOWN-)
Petta, Nicolena (UNKNOWN-)
Petta), ? DeLeo (Husband of Mary (UNKNOWN-)
Pirl, Ashley Lynn (UNKNOWN-)
Pirl, Savit Anthony (UNKNOWN-)
Pope, Betty (17 JUN 1912-10 DEC 1998)
Pope, Lucy (--living--)
Porsche, Max (11 FEB 1884-UNKNOWN)
Porter, Carole LaRene (--living--)
Porter, Douglas Lee (--living--)
Porter, Geraldine (--living--)
Porter, Larry Wayne (--living--)
Porter, Steven Worth (--living--)
Porter, Worth (--living--)
Powers, Daniel James (--living--)
Powers, Janet Louise (--living--)
Powers, Robert Lee (--living--)
Powers, Roland Lee (UNKNOWN-)
Powers, Susan Elizabeth (--living--)
Prabilski, ? (UNKNOWN-)
Prater, Bryan Wesley (--living--)
Prater, Jackie Ray (--living--)
Prater, Stephanie Lynn (--living--)
Preske, Harriet (2 OCT 1897-)
Preston, Gloria V. (UNKNOWN-)
Preston, John Charles , Sr. (UNKNOWN-17 JAN 1955)
Preston, John Charles , Jr. (UNKNOWN-)
Primavera, Andrew (UNKNOWN-)
Primavera, Catherine (UNKNOWN-)
Primavera, Daughter (UNKNOWN-)
Primavera, Thomas (UNKNOWN-)
Przekwas, David (--living--)
Przekwas, George (--living--)
Przekwas, Kathryn (--living--)
Przekwas, Mark (--living--)
Przekwas, Susan (--living--)
Przekwas, Tom (UNKNOWN-)
Przepiora, Norbert (UNKNOWN-)
Przepiora, Tracy John (--living--)
Przepiora, Wife Of Norbert (UNKNOWN-)