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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with J

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Jacobs, Kathryn (--living--)
Jeness, Jacqulyn (UNKNOWN-)
Jeness, Lloyd (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Allen (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Bob (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Brad (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Charles (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, David (--living--)
Johnson, Elenore (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Esther Augusta (17 DEC 1893-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Jeff (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Joe (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Johanna (Hanna?) (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Josephine (25 MAY 1880-26 JUL 1965)
Johnson, Judith (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Judy (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Laura Adeline (13 DEC 1858-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Laverne (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Mark (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Patricia (--living--)
Johnson, Richard A. (27 JUN-23 APR 1982)
Johnson, Robert (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson, Ruth Amy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Scott (--living--)
Johnson, Son of Joe and Carol (UNKNOWN-)
Johnson), Carol (Wife of Joe (UNKNOWN-)
Johnston, Jean J (--living--)
Jones, Paula (UNKNOWN-)
Jones, Sharon Bruce (UNKNOWN-)
Jr., Karen\First Wife of Robert Liggett (UNKNOWN-)
Jr., Loretta\Wife of Robert Liggett (UNKNOWN-)
June, Husband of (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Jurz, Anna (22 DEC 1857-3 OCT 1900)
Jurz, Armin Luther (3 NOV 1903-3 SEP 1906)
Jurz, Charles E. (OCT 1870-28 MAY 1951)
Jurz, Maria Ernestine (24 MAR 1851-16 APR 1930)
Jurz, Ruth J. (8 OCT 1910-)
Jurz, Vera J. (17 JAN 1900-22 JUN 1996)