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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with C

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Calamari, Carla (UNKNOWN-)
Calasante, Antnio (UNKNOWN-)
Calasante, Sandrino (UNKNOWN-)
Calvert, John (-)
Camelli, Phillip (27 JAN 1937-23 OCT 1996)
Campbell, Ayers (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Colin Dr. (16 NOV 1901-DEC 1967)
Capaldi, Gino (UNKNOWN-)
Carbone, Pina (UNKNOWN-)
Carlson, Judith Ann (--living--)
Caselli, Adeline (UNKNOWN-BEF. 1920)
Caselli, Giulia (23 JUL 1880-19 DEC 1958)
Centofanti, Anthony (UNKNOWN-)
Centofanti, Concetta (24 OCT 1907-6 NOV 1965)
Centofanti, Ezio (UNKNOWN-)
Centofanti, Fiori (--living--)
Centofanti, Giambatisto (UNKNOWN-)
Centofanti, Gino (--living--)
Centofanti, Jane (UNKNOWN-)
Centofanti, John (UNKNOWN-)
Centofanti, Loreto (--living--)
Centofanti, Loretta (10 DEC 1879-15 SEP 1949)
Centofanti, Maria (--living--)
Centofanti, Maria Santa (9 OCT 1911-24 SEP 1984)
Centofanti, Martino (--living--)
Centofanti, Mary (UNKNOWN-)
Centofanti, Rose E. (25 MAY 1913-8 OCT 1974)
Centofanti, Rosina (UNKNOWN-)
Cercone, Annamaria (-)
Cercone, Enrico (-)
Cercone, Flavia (-)
Cercone, Germana (-)
Chael, ? (UNKNOWN-)
Child of Emily Soyak, Scott (UNKNOWN-)
Chimling, Pauline (UNKNOWN-)
Chinell, Ronald (UNKNOWN-)
Cianchetti, ? (UNKNOWN-)
Cianchetti, Americo (2 MAR 1916-MAR 1939)
Cianchetti, Charlotte (UNKNOWN-)
Cianchetti, Concenzio (28 JAN 1912-2 MAY 1993)
Cianchetti, David (--living--)
Cianchetti, David (--living--)
Cianchetti, Debra (--living--)
Cianchetti, Domenico (13 JUN 1886-12 DEC 1972)
Cianchetti, Dominic (--living--)
Cianchetti, Edmundo J. (13 MAR 1918-11 MAR 1993)
Cianchetti, Gary (UNKNOWN-)
Cianchetti, Genevieve Y. (17 MAR 1920-25 MAR 2001)
Cianchetti, Gilberto (23 JAN 1914-10 JUN 1966)
Cianchetti, Loretta (--living--)
Cianchetti, Marianna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cianchetti, Mario (--living--)
Cianchetti, Mario , Jr. (--living--)
Cianchetti, Michael (UNKNOWN-)
Cianchetti, Norman (UNKNOWN-)
Cianchetti, Patrick (--living--)
Cianchetti, Quindo P. (2 JAN 1924-24 NOV 1990)
Cianchetti, Raymond (UNKNOWN-)
Cianchetti, Richard (UNKNOWN-)
Cianchetti, Wayne (UNKNOWN-)
Cirullo, Dawn Marie (--living--)
Cirullo, Phillip Michael (UNKNOWN-)
Cirullo, Shelly Marie (--living--)
Cirullo, Tina Marie (--living--)
Claire, (UNKNOWN-)
Clara, (UNKNOWN-)
Clearly, James (UNKNOWN-)
Clift, Marsha (UNKNOWN-)
Cline, Chester (UNKNOWN-)
Coad, Mary Rose (UNKNOWN-)
Coe, ? (UNKNOWN-BEF. 1920)
Colletti, Olga Frances (11 JUN 1918-6 JUN 1996)
Compagnoni, Anthony (--living--)
Compagnoni, Diane Ann (--living--)
Compagnoni, Frank Nicholas (--living--)
Compagnoni, James (UNKNOWN-)
Compagnoni, James Frank (--living--)
Compagnoni, James Fred (--living--)
Compagnoni, Joanne Adeline (--living--)
Compagnoni, Mary\Wife of Anthony (UNKNOWN-)
Constazo<sp>, John (UNKNOWN-)
Cooper, Cade Stephen (--living--)
Cooper, Craig Steven (--living--)
Cooper, Dakota Clay (--living--)
Coppotelli, Joseph (-)
Coppotelli, Joseph (26 FEB 1915-23 NOV 1983)
Coppotelli, Marian (UNKNOWN-)
Coppotelli, Michael (UNKNOWN-)
Coppotelli, Patricia (UNKNOWN-)
Cordes, Dorothea Elizabeth (5 AUG 1840-14 OCT 1901)
Cordes, Phillip (1805-7 DEC 1876)
Cosenza, Beatrice (UNKNOWN-)
Cotton, Candice Corrine (1 JAN-)
Cotton, Colleen Ann (--living--)
Cotton, David Eugene (--living--)
Cotton, David John (--living--)
Cotton, Jason Raymond (--living--)
Cotton, Jeremy Nicholas (--living--)
Cotton, John Alfred III (UNKNOWN-ABT. OCT 1990)
Cotton, John Alfred , Sr. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cotton, John Alfred , Jr. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cotton, Karen (UNKNOWN-)
Cotton, Latisha (UNKNOWN-)
Cotton, Mark Alan (--living--)
Cotton, Paul (22 OCT-)
Cotton, Paul John (--living--)
Cotton, Peter Scott , Jr. (--living--)
Cotton, Peter Scott , Sr. (22 OCT-)
Cotton, Raymond (UNKNOWN-)
Cox, Ethel Louise (26 MAY 1912-9 JAN 1997)
Cramer, Sandra (UNKNOWN-)
Crescenzi, Joyce (--living--)
Cronin, Mary Kathleen (--living--)
Culver, Robert James (--living--)
Cummings, ? (UNKNOWN-)
Cummings, Al (UNKNOWN-)
Cuprak, Scott (UNKNOWN-)
Curran, Robert (UNKNOWN-)
Cutler, Niki (UNKNOWN-)