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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with A

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Abbe, Minne R. (JUN 1884-UNKNOWN)
Abramowicz, Raymond (UNKNOWN-)
Agnes, Maria Sister (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Aldyth, Delh (UNKNOWN-)
Amalia, Wife of Gerald Michael Hultsch , Jr. (UNKNOWN-)
Amundson, Kenny (--living--)
Amundson, Mary (UNKNOWN-)
Anderon, Monica (--living--)
Anderson, Daughter (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Dorothy (-AFT. 1956)
Anderson, Eric (UNKNOWN-AFT. 1956)
Anderson, Gale (-)
Anderson, Joan (-)
Anderson, June (1919-18 NOV 1956)
Anderson, Linda (SEP-SEP)
Anderson, Son (UNKNOWN-)
Anderson, Violet (-)
Andres, (not yet verified) George Frank (19 JAN 1874-UNKNOWN)
Andres, (not yet verified) Johann Adam (3 JUL 1867-UNKNOWN)
Andres, (not yet verified) John Christian (10 MAR 1871-UNKNOWN)
Andres, Adam (5 JUL 1859-UNKNOWN)
Andres, Alvin (ABT. 1914-)
Andres, Anna Christina (4 DEC 1862-UNKNOWN)
Andres, Catharine (20 JUL 1865-UNKNOWN)
Andres, Christian , Jr. (20 MAR 1870-3 DEC 1953)
Andres, Christian Conrad (11 NOV 1834-FEB 1914)
Andres, Elisabetha (28 APR 1869-UNKNOWN)
Andres, Frances (OCT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Andres, Henry C (ABT. 1861-UNKNOWN)
Andres, John (ABT. 1916-)
Andres, John C. (ABT. 1888-UNKNOWN)
Andres, John Conrad (21 MAY 1877-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Charlene L. (--living--)
Andrews, Pearl (UNKNOWN-)